Yom HaShoah Events 2015

As the countdown to Yom HaShoah begins, over 30 local, regional and national events will be added to this site, to enable you to mark and remember Yom HaShoah wherever you live in the UK.

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National Event - Sunday 19th April, 2pm
Yom HaShoah Commemoration 'Remember Together - We Are One' (full details)
Event Name Organised By Time
Sunday 12th April 2015 - Friday 17th April 2015
March Of The LivingMarch Of The Living-(full details)
Monday 13th April 2015 - Thursday 30th April 2015
Holocaust ExhibitImperial War Musuem10:00am(full details)
Tuesday 14th April 2015 - Wednesday 15th April 2015
Forced Walks: Honouring EstherBristol & West Progressive Jewish Congregation10:00am(full details)
Wednesday 15th April 2015
Maariv And Commemorative ServiceExeter Hebrew Congregation6:45pm(full details)
Maariv And Commemorative ServiceExeter Hebrew Congregation6:45pm(full details)
Newcastle Yom HaShoah ServiceUnited Hebrew Congregation Newcastle Upon Tyne7:00pm(full details)
Erev Yom HaShoah ServiceThanet & District Reform Synagogue7:00pm(full details)
Newcastle Yom Hashoah ServiceEitz Chaim Synagogue7:00pm(full details)
Yom HaShoah Speaker & ServiceNorth West Surrey Synagogue7:00pm(full details)
Yom HaShoah ServiceEdgware & District Reform Synagogue7:00pm(full details)
BENTE KAHAN: Songs From The GhettoJW37:30pm(full details)
Evening Of Remembrance For Yom HaShoahBushey United Synagogue7:30pm(full details)
Survivor SpeaksKenton Synagogue7:30pm(full details)
Memories That Won’t Go AwayFinchley Synagogue7:30pm(full details)
An Evening Of CommemorationPinner Synagogue8:00pm(full details)
Erev Yom HaShoah ServiceKingston Liberal Synagogue8:00pm(full details)
Leeds - Yom HaShoah Israel's Memorial DayMakor Leeds8:00pm(full details)
Yom HaShoah - An Evening Of RemembranceMill Hill Synagogue8:00pm(full details)
Yom HaShoahJewish Representative Council Of Greater Manchester & Region8:00pm(full details)
Hampstead GardenSuburb Synagogue Holocaust Commemoration Day CeremonyHampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue8:00pm(full details)
Edgware Yom HaShoahEdgware Synagogue8:00pm(full details)
A Yom HaShoah Memorial Service With Guest Speaker John DobaiSha'arei Tsedek: North London Reform Synagogue8:00pm(full details)
Yom HaShoah ServiceNorth Western Reform Synagogue8:00pm(full details)
Yom HaShoah ServiceEdgware United Synagogue8:00pm(full details)
Yom HaShoah ServiceSukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue8:00pm(full details)
Yom HaShoahWoodford Liberal Synagogue8:00pm(full details)
Thursday 16th April 2015
UNSUNG HEROINES: The Stories Of Eleaner Rathbone And Greta BurkillJW33:00pm(full details)
Yom HaShoah CeremonyJewish Care/Redbridge JCC7:00pm(full details)
Yom HaShoah Commemoration And ServiceNew North London Synagogue8:00pm(full details)
Thursday 16th April 2015 - Monday 16th March 2015
Yom HaShoah CommemorationNorthwest Jewish Day School-(full details)
Yom HaShoah CommemorationBroughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School-(full details)
Saturday 18th April 2015
Shabbat Ha-ShoahThe Liberal Jewish Synagogue11:00am(full details)
Sunday 19th April 2015
Reflections On The KindertransportJewish Museum London11:00am(full details)
National Yom HaShoah CommemorationNational Yom HaShoah Commemoration 'Remember Together - We Are One'Yom HaShoah UK2:00pm(full details)
Tuesday 9th June 2015 - Wednesday 10th June 2015
Auschwitz Day TripWest End Travel T/as Jewish Heritage Tours8:00am(full details)

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