Our Mission Statement

The 'Forum for Yom HaShoah', comprising representatives of UK Organisations involved in Holocaust education, awareness and remembrance activities and Survivor, Refugee and Ex-Service personnel welfare, aims to:

  • ensure greater awareness of Yom HaShoah, as the Annual Jewish Remembrance Day for Victims of the Holocaust, (being observed on the 27th day of Nissan in the Jewish calendar, shortly after Passover).
  • promote understanding of its importance and encourage its observance by present and future generations of the UK Jewish Community.
  • emphasise its eternal theme of;
    Remembering the past
     honouring the memory
    shaping the future


  1. To hold an annual symbolic commemoration service at the UK national monument to the Holocaust, at the Dell in Hyde Park in London and other appropriate sites in the UK.
  2. To encourage all Synagogues to hold an annual Yom HaShoah commemoration event.
  3. To encourage schools and youth organisations to promote annual Yom HaShoah commemoration and to develop educational projects and activities related to the Holocaust.
  4. To help co-ordinate Yom HaShoah activities and events with the 'Forum' members and other organisations, in the days immediately leading up to, or after Yom HaShoah.
Operating under the auspices of The Board of Deputies of British Jews Charity No. 1058107